Here are some very important do’s and don’ts of turnkey properties from expert investors

Turnkey properties are quite popular among investors as they are great sources of passive income. However, any real estate investment requires thorough research. To help you get some perspective and clarity, we have created a list of dos and don’ts of investing in a Turnkey property.

Why Invest in Turnkey Properties?

  • Turnkey properties can be great investments. They do not require much effort on the investor’s part. Once all financial and residential aspects have been reviewed and vetted, you can buy the property and rent it out instantly.

Turnkey properties are an outstanding way to grow your investment business, as they are hassle-free, valuable, and a source of immediate production of cash flow. 

Do’s of Investing in a Turnkey Property

If you are planning to invest in a turnkey property you need to do your homework. Listed below are some dos of investing in turnkey properties.

Do a Background Research

  • Research is the key factor for profitable investment. Before investing in a turnkey property, make sure you are buying it at the right price, for the right area, and with the right market value.

Set your Goal

Like any other business investment, you must set up a goal when investing in a property. Having a clear perception of your return on investment (in terms of goals) will take you one step closer to making your investment fruitful.

Choosing the Right Location

  • In turnkey investments, location matters a lot. Gather as much information as you can about your area of choice. Ask questions like how many people visit this area per year? What is the tenant turnover rate of this property? And so on. 

Get a Furnished Property

Furnished turnkey properties have higher demand among the out-of-towners. Most of these tenants ask for the furnished property to move in instantly. So if you plan to get your property rented out fast, getting a fully furnished property will increase your chances.

Pick a Trusted Company

  • Another key point for investors to keep in mind is to pick a trusted turnkey property dealer. Take into consideration the recommendations from other investors. You can find hundreds of testimonials online to make up your mind about a company.

do's and don'ts of turnkey properties

Don’ts of Investing in a Turnkey Property

Let’s have a look at some avoidable don’ts of purchasing a turnkey property to ensure risk-free investment.

Don’t Deal With Inexperienced Property Dealers

  • Just because you are on good terms with a newbie real estate agent, doesn’t mean you should risk your investment with him. Inexperienced property dealers can neither provide the right market information, nor the right value for your money. 

We recommend you find a seasoned and trusted agent who can find the right property according to your requirements.

Don’t Purchase a Property Through Pictures

  • Pictures can be misleading and present a view often far away from reality. Judging a property based on a few attractive pictures will result in a lifelong disappointment.

Never make an investment unless you visit the site yourself, compare photos and specifications with the actual physical condition of the property, and are 100% satisfied.

Don’t Forget About Property Management

  • Property management is an important factor for long-term profitability. Many companies are providing management services for turnkey properties. Pick an affordable and reliable company and you won’t regret it.

Don’t Forget to Plan Long Term

  • Your short-term investment vision will not be as profitable as you may think. It might generate you a quick ROI for a short period but it won’t last. On the contrary, long-term planning will lead you to slow but steady growth.

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