Investors all over the United States will often tell you to invest in turnkey homes near military bases or in military neighborhoods. But some are still against it and will advise you to avoid these areas at all costs.  

At Turnkey Military, we believe military neighborhoods in North Carolina are the best places to invest if you’re interested in buying a turnkey property. Here are some reasons that will convince you. 

Pros of Investing Near Military Bases 

There are plenty of benefits of investing in homes in military neighborhoods, here are some of our top picks. 

High Volume of Tenants 

  • The first and most prominent benefit is the high volume of incoming personnel and tenants at any given time. This is an important benefit that allows you to get more rental exposure and decrease the amount of time your home is vacant. 

In other words, you’ll get your ROI faster than anywhere else. 

Stability is Assured 

  • What is the number one thing most tenants look for when renting a house? Stability! Military families or common folk all crave stability. The areas near military bases offer a lot of stability which is something that triggers tenants to stay for longer in your home. 

The longer your house is occupied, the more rent you’ll make over time. 

Excellent Market 

  • When people have to move to a new place, they do it immediately. This is especially true for military families. When they are ordered to move to a new post, the best immediate option for them to move into a house is near a military base or neighborhood. 

And the estate market in these areas is also very welcoming and safe, so you’ll never have to worry about looking for tenants. 

Better Tenants 

  • Since these areas are very popular amongst people, the rent is often on the higher side and the demand is always there. This means there will be a lot of competition between people looking to move to your home. 

The more the competition is, the better the tenants are. The homes near military bases are also usually large which is ideal for people looking to raise kids.  


  • Good tenants, a high volume of new tenants, high rent, and quick return on investment is a dream come true for any investor of turnkey homes. If you want a sustainable income from a home that never goes empty, consider investing in military neighborhoods today. 

If you are particularly looking for turnkey homes in military neighborhoods in North Carolina, then get in touch with Turnkey Military today. We are the best when it comes to buying or selling turnkey homes near military bases.